Make your Windows 11 Desktop look cool and professional


In Today’s Video, We Will Look at a cool Windows 11 theme design for a clean minimal desktop! I will show you how to make your Windows 11 Desktop look cool and Professional without using heavy software like nexus.

Just watch the video tutorial below & make your windows 11 cool and professional. (Simple & Easy)

This tutorial is based on the usage of Rainmeter, Rounded TB, and Translucent TB. By using these software your desktop will be going to get a fresh and professional look. Follow the easy steps shown in the video to achieve this look on your laptop or desktop PC.

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Watch the full video all the parts are necessary πŸ™‚

Make the Desktop look cool and professional (Tutorial)

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What is Rounded TB?

With RoundedTB,Β you can customize the shape and appearance of your Windows taskbar, without modifying any system files or making any permanent system changes. With the help of Rounded TB, you can change the corner radius of the taskbar and various other things. The picture given below gives you a closer look at how Rounded TB customizes your taskbar.

What is Rounded TB

What is Translucent TB?

With TranslucentTB,Β You can control the appearance of your taskbar. With the help of Translucent TB, You can customize your taskbar transparency and it looks just awesome. The picture given below gives you a closer look at how Rounded TB customizes your taskbar.

What is Translucent TB

What is Rainmeter?

Rainmeter is a Windows-based customization software. Rainmeter allows you to display custom skins on your desktop. This includes information from hardware usage meters to fully functional audio visualizers. It Allows Users to create new skins, that can be shared with other users as well. It is one of the best desktop customization programs available, allowing you to give your desktop an attractive look, Rainmeter also has a very unique coding language.

For more information Visit their official Website, Click here.


  1. Rainmeter β€”β€” Download
  2. Rainmeter skin β€”β€” Download
  3. Rounded TB β€”β€” Download
  4. Translucent TB β€”β€” Download
  5. Wallpaper β€”β€” Download

Watch The full video for proper Instructions

Step 1.
Download all files from the requirement section.

Step 2.
Install Translucent TB from the Microsoft store.

Step 3.
Download the wallpaper from the link up above in the requirements section and apply it to your desktop.

Step 4.
Download and Install Rainmeter.

Step 5.
Install Rainmeter skin.

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