Spider-Man Live Wallpaper 4K

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Spider-Man Live Wallpaper 4K. Too many fans of spider man want to make their desktop look cool with spiderman live wallpaper.

So I made an awesome-looking Spider-Man desktop theme and I hope you all like it. If you want any other superhero or anime theme comment down below and I will try my best to bring it as soon as possible.

Download Requirement:-

This theme is applicable to both windows 10 and windows 11. Also with windows 7 🙂 If you are curious about how your PC will look, then you can see this article’s thumbnail. Watch the full video for proper instructions

How to apply spider-man live wallpaper to desktop:

  1. Download all necessary files
  2. Install Nexus Dock

3. Extract the Theme File

4. Open theme file > Copy dock_Icons Folder>Go to C:\ Drive > Paste the copied folder

5. Open the Nexus dock application inside the menu bar and go to Advance inside the advance option you’ll see the Restore option Click on that option and select the folder that you pasted in C:\ Drive. > Now go to the appearance option and select the dock size according to your screen resolution.

6. Install Lively Wallpaper > Open lively wallpaper > From the top menu bar click on Add Wallpaper > Select spider man live wallpaper from the theme folder > click ok

Go to theme folder > Install Rainmeter >And install all rainmeter skins

Open Rainmeter

Go to the Fountain of color >folder and load fountain of colors.ini now go to the options and load general.ini and set the values: (Visualizer Height — 273px > Rotation angle — 76) Now go to load Visualizer.ini and set the values: (Bar Width — 4px > Bar gap –6px > Bar count — 21 > Sensitivity — 28db) Now go to load Styling.ini and select pink color and close then click on the fountain of colors.ini and set the values: (Coordinates = 296>514) Position (On the desktop) Transparency (40%)

Now go to mii_power rainmeter skin folder and then power> and load W.ini and set the values: (Coordinates = 51>567) Position (On the desktop) Transparency (60%)

Go to Simple Clock 2.0 rainmeter skin folder and then Classic Version folder> and load clock.ini and set the values: (Coordinates = 0>470) Position (On the desktop) Transparency (60%)

Taskbar X is optional install it if you want! Enjoy the New look of Your Desktop

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