How to Make Desktop look Awesome | Make Your Windows Desktop Look Awesome | Customize Windows 10

Hello Friends, After completing all the steps Your pc will going to look like the picture shown above in this article thumbnail. If you want to do this by watching the video then I suggest you watch my Youtube video. Download all the resources shown in this video in a single zip file. Click on the download button and download the zip file. In case you don’t know how to download watch the last chapter of the video.

We are going to complete this customization in 4 steps All the steps are necessary so follow all the steps. In step 1 we are going to customize the taskbar. In step 2 we are going to change the wallpaper with the help of lively wallpaper software. In step 3 we are going to add some cool widgets. So lets start’s

Step 1. TaskBar Customization

Remove all unnecessary icons from the taskbar. To that just right-click on the taskbar ——- UPDATING Soon……..

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